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Integrated Pain Solutions – Columbus

Integrated Pain Solutions in Columbus, Ohio is a medical practice specializing in interventional treatments that confront acute and chronic pain at its source. We accomplish this through a systematic process of diagnosis, evaluation, and ongoing treatment. Our highly-trained doctor and founder, Dr. Gladstone McDowell, will help you create a customized pain management plan that evolves as your needs and abilities change. Our goal is to make patients feel better and help them lead happier, healthier lives.

Our Services

Pain management is intended to improve your pain levels and overall quality of life. That is why our physician will always seek to use the best treatment with the smallest amount of risk and shortest recovery. Our minimally invasive treatments are outpatient procedures with fewer risks than traditional surgery. Most procedures can be completed in less than an hour and require only local anesthesia or oral sedation. You have easy access to these procedures because our ambulatory surgical facility, Gemini Surgery Center, is located in the same building as Integrated Pain Solutions Columbus.

Clinicians and Staff

Heather McDowell

Additional Locations in Ohio and Indiana







Our success in treating pain patients can be shared with our management company, American Pain Consortium.  American Pain Consortium (APC) provides management services, staffing, and administrative functions to keep pain clinics across the nation running smoothly. APC has a strong partnership with each clinic it manages and provides resources to help the clinics provide the best possible care.

Driving Directions

From Interstate 71 North/South:

Take exit 121 and head west on Gemini Place

Take the first right after passing the Gemini Place Shopping Center, then turn left, then left again to access our parking lot – 1210 Gemini Pl, Ste 300