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Cancer-Related Pain

Cancer doesn’t always cause pain, but when it does, the pain can be significant. Pain may occur when tumors compress the nerves, organs, or bones, or pain may arise following certain types of cancer treatments or surgeries.

Pain associated with cancer may be ongoing or intermittent. Some people report “breakthrough” pain – short but intense bursts of pain, even when using pain-relieving medications. With a multifaceted approach to treatment, a pain management specialist can help minimize cancer pain.

Integrated Pain Solutions uses intrathecal therapy – an injection of medication into the spinal canal – to help calm the nerves that cause cancer-related pain. We may also use other minimally invasive procedures to bring pain under control. Please call us if you need help with cancer-related pain: (614) 383-6450.

Other Treatments for Cancer Pain

In addition to intrathecal therapy, some methods of treating cancer-related pain include pain pump implants and nerve blocks.

We start with the most conservative options, progressing to more advanced procedures only when necessary.

Treatment Outcomes

Cancer-related pain can be unpredictable. A treatment that once was effective at minimizing pain may seem to “stop working” over time. That’s why we schedule regular follow-up visits for our patients – we want to be sure we’re doing everything we can to alleviate their pain. 

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