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Pain Medication Management

Helping Patients Manage Symptoms

At Integrated Pain Solutions, we understand that medication is a necessary component of treatment for some patients who have chronic pain. However, pain medicine alone is not an effective treatment for structural abnormalities of the spine or degenerative conditions like arthritis, and opioid medications are not appropriate for people who have certain health conditions. 

Our goal is to help patients regain strength and mobility, while also minimizing their pain with treatments that may include nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulator implants, or steroid injections. Opioid medications have a high potential for abuse, so when we do prescribe them, we require patients to sign an Opioid Agreement that dictates how they will use their medication

Understanding Pain Medication

Patients new to our practice may be accustomed to using a certain type of or dosage of medication to manage their pain. But that doesn’t mean we’ll continue prescribing that medication. We want to be sure that any medicine we prescribe is necessary, safe, and effective. 

What to Expect

If we prescribe an opioid medication for your pain, we will require you to take your medication exactly as prescribed and to abide by the terms of our Opioid Agreement. Violation of that agreement, misuse of medication, or missing your scheduled appointments could result in termination of your medical care at our clinic.

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We know that people with chronic pain may need opioid medications to manage their symptoms. But our primary goal is to alleviate the underlying conditions that are causing that pain. With minimally invasive procedures and ongoing, attentive care, we can help patients feel better. Complete the form below, or call today to schedule your consultation: (614) 383-6450.

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