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Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injections

Your right and left sacroiliac (SI) joints are large flat joints connecting your pelvis to your spine. Normally strong and relatively rigid, the SI joints can lead to significant pain and discomfort if they become inflamed or misaligned. Pain in the lower back, buttocks, abdomen, or even the legs and groin may originate in the SI joints.

Sacroiliac joint injections can help relieve inflammation and pain in the SI joint and nearby spinal nerves, and the pain-relieving effects may last for several months. 

About Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injections

An injection for SI joint pain is a simple outpatient procedure that typically takes an hour or less. We apply a local anesthetic to the injection site, and we may also provide a mild sedative to help patients remain calm and still. We then insert a needle near the SI joint to apply the steroid medication directly to the area.

What to Expect After Your SI Joint Injection

We ask our patients not to drive on the day of the procedure (so make sure you have a ride home). However, most patients are able to return to normal activities the next day. It’s normal to feel some tenderness at the injection site for a day or two. Our patients typically report an immediate reduction in pain, with the full effect of the medication occurring two to three days later.

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