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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Treatment for Peripheral Nerve Pain

The peripheral nervous system is a network of nerves that connects the spinal cord to the rest of the body. These nerves control motor function, sensation/touch, and autonomic functions (such as digestion and heart rate). Damage to these nerves may cause symptoms such as bladder dysfunction, tingling and numbness in the extremities, and poor coordination.

Integrated Pain Solutions uses peripheral nerve stimulator (PNS) implants to treat peripheral nerve pain. This minimally invasive procedure helps patients gain control of their symptoms, so they can get back to living the life they want. 

How it Works

A PNS implant is similar to a spinal cord stimulator (SCS) implant, only it is implanted near the target nerves rather than near the spine. Initially, patients receive a temporary PNS device that connects to wire leads beneath the skin. With a remote control, patients can adjust the intensity, frequency, and duration of electrical impulses that travel through the leads to disrupt pain signals between the peripheral nerves and the brain. If the device effectively alleviates pain, patients may receive a permanent implant. 

After the Procedure

This outpatient procedure is conducted under local anesthetic, so patients are able to go home the same day (but should not drive). Some tenderness or soreness at the implant site is normal and usually resolves in a few days, but doctors may advise patients to restrict activity for a few weeks. Most people report an immediate improvement in their symptoms following a PNS implant.

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