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What Your Symptoms Say

Clues About Your Health

Pain is how the brain alerts you to injury and illness. A nagging backache, a throbbing headache, or widespread pain – those are all warning signs that your body isn’t functioning the way it should. Sometimes pain persists even after the original illness or injury has healed. The type of pain you experience, along with other symptoms like fatigue or muscle weakness, can help us determine the underlying causes. 

Integrated Pain Solutions is a leading provider of pain-relief solutions in Columbus, Ohio. If you’ve been unable to find relief for your symptoms, please call us to schedule a consultation: (614) 383-6450.

Pain and Other Symptoms

When you fall and twist your ankle, you expect that you might feel ankle pain. But sometimes, pain seems to have no obvious cause. Unexplained pain may be due to a spinal or nervous system disorder. Symptoms of such conditions can include: 

  • Off-and-on shooting pain
  • Pain in your arm or leg with or without an injury to that arm or leg
  • Widespread pain, or pain that seems to move through the body
  • Burning pain

Disorders of the spine or nervous system also tend to have other impacts, such as: 

  • Loss of mobility
  • Decreased sensation in limbs
  • Unusual sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Weakness
  • Loss of muscle mass

Early treatment is the best way to manage the symptoms of spinal and nerve-related pain.

How We Help Our Patients

Our goal is to treat people, not just their symptoms. We use a variety of treatments and procedures to manage health conditions that cause pain and help our patients improve their overall quality of life. 

Our Expertise

Integrated Pain Solutions isn’t just a pain management clinic. We’re a team of caring professionals with groundbreaking approaches to pain management, regenerative medicine, and hormone therapy. 

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