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Tennis ‘Lessons’: How to Avoid Injuries on the Court

Tennis is a popular sport, but its participants are no strangers to injuries. This fast-paced sport can be especially hard on knees, ankles, elbows, and shoulders. Here are some top tips for avoiding injury:  Warm Up Doing a proper warm-up that elevates your heart rate and gets you limber is a no-brainer when it comes…

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American Pain Consortium Management Announces Newly Appointed Chief Financial Officer

American Pain Consortium Management (APCM), the parent organization for Integrated Pain Solutions, has the pleasure of announcing that Jason Pritchard has been appointed APCM Chief Financial Officer. Learn more about Mr. Pritchard and his extensive experience in the official press release. 

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Gardening Mistakes: Avoid these Common Causes of Back Injury

Gardening isn’t exactly a high-risk activity. But back injuries caused by weeding, digging, and other typical gardening tasks are common if people with green thumbs do not take the proper steps to avoid them. Here are the top activities to watch out for: Bending From the Waist Bending from the waist can put a strain…

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4 Common Causes of Knee Pain

Nearly everyone experiences knee pain at some point in their lifetime. For some individuals, their sore, stiff, achy knees become a source of chronic discomfort and frustration. Fortunately, knee pain is not usually a sign of a serious medical condition, and in most cases it is caused by modifiable risk factors. These are four of…

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How to Encourage a Family Member to See a Pain Control Specialist

It’s hard to see a family member in pain. It may also be difficult to predict how they would react if you suggested they see a pain control specialist. But if you think it’s time for your loved one to see a specialist, the following tips may help you have that conversation.  Understanding Their Struggle…

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6 Habits That Can Make You Feel Better

Relentless stress is bad for the body. It can aggravate health conditions and intensify chronic pain. If you’re feeling blue, take a look at the following tips – they might just help your mood! 1. Take Breaks Whether you’re working from home or helping your fifth grader with a history assignment, take breaks periodically. Get…

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