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Tennis ‘Lessons’: How to Avoid Injuries on the Court

Tennis is a popular sport, but its participants are no strangers to injuries. This fast-paced sport can be especially hard on knees, ankles, elbows, and shoulders. Here are some top tips for avoiding injury:  Warm Up Doing a proper warm-up that elevates your heart rate and gets you limber is a no-brainer when it comes…

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4 Common Causes of Knee Pain

Nearly everyone experiences knee pain at some point in their lifetime. For some individuals, their sore, stiff, achy knees become a source of chronic discomfort and frustration. Fortunately, knee pain is not usually a sign of a serious medical condition, and in most cases it is caused by modifiable risk factors. These are four of…

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6 Habits That Can Make You Feel Better

Relentless stress is bad for the body. It can aggravate health conditions and intensify chronic pain. If you’re feeling blue, take a look at the following tips – they might just help your mood! 1. Take Breaks Whether you’re working from home or helping your fifth grader with a history assignment, take breaks periodically. Get…

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Download Your Pain Diary

Keeping a pain diary can help you explain to your doctor how pain affects your life. You can download our pain diary here and bring it with you to your next appointment.

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When Is Pain Considered Chronic?

At Integrated Pain Solutions, we’re recognizing Pain Awareness Month by sharing some helpful facts about pain. Why? Because the more you know about this common issue, the more empowered you’ll be to take action and seek the care you deserve. Today, we’re answering one of our patients’ most commonly asked questions: “When is pain considered…

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Exercises for Pain Relief

Movement is medicine! That might sound hard to believe if you have chronic pain, since sometimes even getting out of bed in the morning can be a challenge. But the truth is, exercise is well-supported by scientific research as an effective way to relieve pain and improve overall health. Of course, when it comes to…

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