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How to Measure and Manage Pain from Injuries

Believe it or not, pain is useful information.  Pain motivates us to protect ourselves, make lifestyle changes, or seek help. Pain is also a normal response to tissue damage or injury. Pain can alert us to when something is amiss, especially after surgery or other treatments when the gradual or sudden return of pain could…

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What Is Pain Management?: Debunking the Myths

When you hear the term “pain management,” plenty of ideas may come to mind. Or maybe nothing comes to mind because you aren’t familiar with the term. Here is a breakdown of some myths surrounding pain management and the facts that can help you decide if pain management could be for you.  Myth #1: Pain…

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Research-Backed Supplements for Chronic Pain

Feeling more in control over your health gives you great peace of mind. But when you’re in chronic pain, a sense of control might seem well out of reach!   At Integrated Pain Solutions in Columbus, Ohio, our pain specialists encourage patients to explore a variety of approaches that can help them find relief from chronic…

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Detecting Bias in Medical Treatment

Bias has become a buzzword in recent years, but what does it really mean? And how can it play a role in your medical treatment? Bias is holding a prejudicial view for or against something, and it can apply to a person or group of people. Biases are often unconscious, but that does not make…

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American Pain Consortium Management Announces Newly Appointed Chief Financial Officer

American Pain Consortium Management (APCM), the parent organization for Integrated Pain Solutions, has the pleasure of announcing that Jason Pritchard has been appointed APCM Chief Financial Officer. Learn more about Mr. Pritchard and his extensive experience in the official press release. 

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Gardening Mistakes: Avoid these Common Causes of Back Injury

Gardening isn’t exactly a high-risk activity. But back injuries caused by weeding, digging, and other typical gardening tasks are common if people with green thumbs do not take the proper steps to avoid them. Here are the top activities to watch out for: Bending From the Waist Bending from the waist can put a strain…

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